Scandinavian 13th Aesthetic Meeting / SFEP Ystad 2021, Ystad Saltsjöbad

Friday  October 1, 19.00     ”Cocktail Hour” 19.30     Gala Dinner with Social Distancing Saturday October 2, 19.00     Faculty Dinner and an Oppurtunity for Non Faculty to spend time in the SPA   –   Highly recommended                   Sunday October 3, 09.00  SFEP Scandinavian Plastic Surgery Master Golf at Abbekås GK Registration: Send your full name, golf-handicap & golf-id to Heléne Fägerblad at The player is responsible for his/hers own costs during the golf (green-fee). Golf course to be announced soon.

Hope you find this Social Program as great as we do!

All the best, Team SFEP