SFEP welcomes You, October 1-2, Ystad Saltsjöbad, Ystad, Sweden

International & National Faculty confirmed 2021

Rod Rohrich, Guest of Honor                        USA

  Ahmad Saad,                                        Spain & USA

Mark Lee,                                                   Australia

Richard Hamilton,                                    Australia

Francisco Bravo,                                            Spain

Per Hedén,                                                 Sweden

Birgit Stark,                                                Sweden

Igor Niechajev,                                           Sweden

Industrisponsored Lectures

Tore Nilsen,                                                  Sweden

IVO The New Legislation

Daniel Lilja,                                      IVO SydÖst, Sweden

Social Media & PhotoArt

Johan Elmqvist,                                         Zalster, Sweden

     Nette Johansson,                         The PhotoGallery, Sweden

Junior Faculty

Rojda Gümüscü,                                                      Sweden

Angelica Hagelberg,                                              Sweden

Anna von Platen,                                                    Sweden

Marcus Ehrström,                                                   Sweden

Katja Gomes,                                                            Sweden

Giovanni Maltese,                                                  Sweden

Daniel Saiepour,                                                       Sweden

The Program will be RealTime webinar + face-to-face. The Program at this website is always latest version.

Friday October 1    
11.45-12.45 Registration and lunch  
12.45-13.00 Welcome Fredrik Gewalli, President SFEP
13.00-13.20 Presentation of Sponsors Sponsor coordinator
13.20-13.40 Aesthetic Surgical Training Moderator Jesper Bergdahl
13.20-13.40 Plastic Surgery Trainee Survey Andreas Georgiou, UK (video)
13.40-14.00 New legislation IVO / Inspektionen för Vård och Omsorg (web)
14.00-14.30 Body sculpting Moderator Richard Lewin
14.00 PAL-HD: Rethinking Liposculpture Ahmed Saad, Spain & USA
14.20 Discussion  
14.30-15.00 Industry Sponsored presentationGo North Medical Derma

Skin Care & Lasers

Tore Nielsen, SWE
15.00-15.30 Coffee break in Exhibition area  
15.30-16.10 Face and Neck I Moderator Fredrik Gewalli
15.30-16.00 Endoscopic brow and mid face lift Ahmed Saad, Spain & USA
16.00-16.10 Discussion
16.10-16.30 PhotoArt & Nudity Nette Johansson, thephotogallery.se (web)
16.30-17.30 General Assembly President F Gewalli,Secretary J Bergdahl

19.30 Cocktail in Galleriet

20.00 Dinner
 Dress code: Casual

Saturday October 2    
08.00 – 09.10 Free Papers Moderator Filip Farnebo
08.00 Swebro study Rojda Gümüscü
08.10 Lipoedema Angelika Hagelberg (web)
08.20 Breast Reconstruction – Toronto fellowship Anna von Platen
08.30 Autologous breast augmentation and mastopexia in Massive weight loss patients Marcus Ehrström
08.40 Face and fat Katia Gomes (web)
08.50 The caudal septal flap to stabilize tip rotation in rhinoplasty Giovanni Maltese (web)
09.00 Fellowship in craniofacial surgery Daniel Saiepour
09.10 – 09.50 Autologous breast reconstruction Moderator Anders Liss
09.10 The Microvascular Free Abdominoplasty Flap in Breast Reconstruction – The Untold Story Richard Hamilton (web)
09.40 Discussion  
09.50-10.20 Coffee break in Exhibition area  
10.20-12.15 Breast I Moderator Marie Forseni Flodin
10.20 Triplane breast augmentation: dealing with the double bubble Mark Lee (web)
10.35 Glandular reconstruction after breast implant removal Mark Lee (web)
10.50 Intraoperative nerve blocks in breast surgery Mark Lee (web)
11.05 BRIMP + ALCL update Birgit Stark (web)
11.20 The ptotic breast. Analysis and treatment options. Per Hedén
12.00 Discussion  
12.15-13.15 Lunch in the Restaurant

Coffee in Exhibition area

13.15-13.55 Social media Moderator Rojda Gumuscu
  Bring the market to You Johan Elmqvist, Zalster
13.55-16.00 Breast II and Face and Neck II Moderator TBA
13.55 Triple Component Natural Breast Augmentation Francisco Bravo ES (web)
14.15 Necklift – How to choose technique- background Francisco Bravo ES (web)
15.00 Eyelid surgery, the importance of preserving and adding fat. Analysis and surgical techniques. Per Hedén
15.45 Discussion  
16.00-16.30 Coffee break in Exhibition area  
16.30-17.40 Rhinoplasty Moderator Igor Niechajev
16.30-16.50 Rhinoplasty finesses and consistency


Rod Rohrich (web)
16.50-17.10 The modern facelift – key role of fat compartments Rod Rohrich (web)
17.10-17.20 Discussion  
17.20-17.40 Management of the thick nose Igor Niechajev

Saturday evening

20.30 – 22.00 Dinner

Sunday October 3


and an Oppurtunity for Non-Golfer to spend time in the SPA   –   Highly recommended

Sunday October 3,

Golf Tournament 09.00 se details in SOCIAL PROGRAM