1. What did you like about this meeting ?


Högklass på inviterads föreläsare

Kontakt med kollegor

High standard scientific program good social arrangements

Mix between scientific and medical-legal tax topics

Very high standard of speakers.

Relevant subject – good cover on medicolegal aspects and VAT issues.

Programpunkters, generellt. Lördagen kompakt.

Behagligt schema.

Hospitality, subjects, the nice atmosphere.

Good scientific program, exchanges of experience, meeting with colleagues

International program.


Vår gård – nice place


Good. Important things.

Good update on medical – legal issues and VAT.

God helhet med bra variatilitet I intressanta ämnen.


Programs for learning

Everything including details.

I could notice that this conference have prepared a lot for everything.

Meeting other plastic surgeons and also company representatives

Entertainment during dinner

Mixture of different topics



Good mix of clinical issues

Good A-V

The venue – fantastic!

BDD and face & neck – Hodgkinson

Law, media – interesting

Good lectures on Media training, facial and breast surgery.

Broad spectrum of topics

Bra uppdatering, trivsam samvaro, interessant miljö, god mat och underhållning.

Utmärkt AV teknikhet.

Variety of invited speakers.

Very good program!

Good combo current “admin” issues and surgical lecture.

Good venue!

Platsen. Kollegorna. Utställarna. Den fortsatta juridiska processen

Meeting collegues

Varied programme. Good speakers. Nice accommodation. Good social program, good meeliappouit for us gourgeous.

All legal issues



  1. What did you not like about this meeting ?


Hotellets uppblåsta pris

Lokalen var onödigt stor, dålig luft och dålig belysning på föredragshållaren

The meeting was a fantastic opportunities for me to have new colleagues, and friends, to learn from their experience and to avoid to try the wrong way.

Sponsor locikers cours bö shoppic

Nothing really.

Ev lite fler korta raster.


The meeting starts to early on Friday

Small trode show

Chest wall deformities & otoplasty – old fashioned.

A little strange selection of short lectures – cadaver studies without clinical connection. Maybe some more short presentations from members, not only new members.

Speaker not turning up.

Presenting poll with very few replicants.

Programmet drog ut på tiden dag 2

Bättre kontroll på tiden.

Discussion on VAT + honest opinions about VAT and surgeons clinic.


Sydkoreanska föreläsningen

International papers – faculty.


  1. Can anything be done differently? – If Yes write down your thoughts


Saltsjöbaden har redan haft 2SFEP möten 2009 och 2017. Därtill Stockholms exetisk möte på Yasiragicenter cirka 2010. Lidingös tur nästa.

Se 2. Hade kunnat finnas ett par rejäla blomsteruppsättningar på scenen.

Fortsatt bra föreläsare.

I think we can take one subject with different experience, surgeons and discuss it widely with details instead of doing it fast and short.

No comments

More central localization

Increase the number of persons who are engaged in the meeting

Too long day on Saturday, good to end four o clock.

Maybe a stronger focus in one area per meeting – makes it more interesting to come to further meetings.

Definitely OK as it was.

Bättre introduction av utländska föredragskällare av moderatorerna.

I think a spread out of topics is good.

No, everything was planned very good!


What was the most rewarding and instructive for you?


V.g.se pkt. 1

Complictions on fillers Dr. Samuelson + medicolegal seminar.

Lars Salemarks skrämmande beskrivning av arbetet för en nekonstruktiv plastikkirurg I delen av afrika. Willy Silbengstein även.


Face Rhino plasty

Law and aesthetic surgery

Experience from older plastic surgery.

Media training

Face & nose lectures

A lot of topics, media

Media training, rhinoplasty, legal issues

To find the place… Even the taxidriver doesn’t know the place. But this is very nice. Place in fact.

See above, media training.

Helheten av vad av ämnen och trevlig inramning med trevliga kollegor och utställare.

I could learn several kinds of plastic surgeries and their trend.

Seeing surgical procedure was very useful.

BDD by Dr. Hodgkinson

Darryl Hodgkinson

ALCL exchange knowledge

Topics like legal issues, media. ALCL was interesting. BRIMP also.

Media training, social media and facial plastic surgery. Discussion/lecture about Biofilm also nice.

Discussion around cosmetic versus medical indications. VAT

Intressant om rekonstruktion av thoraxdeforniteter.

Bra föredrag om jämförelse av olika fettprepareringstekniker fantastiskt. Bra näsföredrag, – Robotti

History of plastics by Salemark. VAT- discussion

Silbersteins media lecture

Biofilm and secondary procedures (Dr. Roger Wikstrom)

Body conturing (Dr. Darryl. J. Hodginson)

Striving for Excelence with smooth implants (Dr. Peter Lennox).

Media training, Willy Silberstein!!!

Breast surgery. BDD. ALCL

Moms juridik, ALCL, W. Silberstein, blindhet efter injection

Robotti + Per Heden

Att möta Heidi Stensmyren var mycket bra. Han kan hjälpa oss så br aatt driva våra frågor.




On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the highest), how would you review this meeting?

Range 3-5

Snitt 4,27




Do you have suggestions for topics and/or requests for speakers for next year?


Annan föreläsare typ L. Salemark. Malin Hakelius te.x

Brazilianbutt, penis and labial surgery, facemansfor Social Media / medialkogaction

The role of plastic surgery in labial plasty

Plastic surgery and high technology. 3D for exempel.

Plastic surgery in trans patients.

Body contoring. AL ALY; UAE (ABY Dhabi)

Continuing VAT / ALCL

Följ det ni gör!

Perhaps more on massive weight loss

Continue to update different topics.

Post bariatric surgery and techniques.

Postbariatric surgery.

Uppdatering om BI ALCL, bukplastiker, massive weight loss patients.

Maybe a faceliftsurgeon (Dr Marten) or someone I Europe!

Continued update on BIA – ALCL.

ALCL – follow up

Hög mortalitet vid Brasilian Butt se PRS april 2017. Sineon Wall USA kan detta ämne + andra områden

Facial review