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New Warnings Against Medical Tourism

mars 20, 2024

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Turkey has become a go-to place for many British nationals to receive elective cosmetic surgery. But MP John McNally urged the government to suspend advertisements that lure people to book operations. This follows the death of Shannon Bowe, who traveled to Turkey in March 2023 from Scotland for gastric band surgery. 

McNally said in the House of Commons, “Many gruesome deaths have occurred following cosmetic surgery in Turkey, including my own constituent, 28-year-old Shannon, whose family witnessed the most agonizing, horrific death as Shannon lay on a table for some nine hours convulsing.”

The gastric band surgery involves placing a band around the stomach to reduce its size and constrict its capacity for food. It’s a weight loss surgery that’s approved by the FDA and is performed in the U.S. 

This isn’t the only procedure that British nationals are seeking in Turkey. Also common are breast enhancements, post-pregnancy makeovers, and Brazilian butt lifts (also called BBL) which reshapes the buttocks. These elective cosmetic procedures are done for a fraction of the cost in Turkey compared to the private clinics in the U.K. According to The Mirror, a gastric band surgery in the U.K. may cost up to £10,000 ($12,750), but Turkish clinics may charge as little as £2,500 ($3,185).