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L.A. vs Europe Plastic Surgery Wars: ”Mina patienter i Frankrike lever i rädsla för Hollywood Look”

maj 17, 2018

European plastic surgeons have until now avoided (and derided) ”overdone” L.A., but with social media has come ”lip idols,” Brazilian butt lifts and Londoners clamoring for Meghan Markle’s nose.

Though the French haven’t earned a reputation over the years for being modest, when it comes to plastic surgery, they are positively demure in contrast to Angelenos. “My patients in France live in fear of the Hollywood look,” says Parisian plastic surgeon Olivier Claude. “Sophie Marceau is in her 50s and looks wonderful — nobody knows what she had done. People in the U.S. think Nicole Kidman and Megan Fox look good, but we think they look overdone.” Christophe Lepage, also a plastic surgeon based in Paris, adds, “An actress here [in France] wants to look her age but better: Isabelle Huppert just had a face-lift and looks healthier and more relaxed. In L.A., they want to look younger. We think if a facelift shows, it’s a disaster.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Brent Moelleken counters that the Hollywood emphasis on a youthful appearance is a necessity, not a luxury, and that what Europeans may regard as “overdone” is merely professional maintenance.

“Actresses here are very proactive, and at the slightest sign [of aging], they get a little something done or they won’t work or stay relevant,” he says. “Nicole Kidman is 50, and she wouldn’t be on the cover of magazines if she didn’t have anything done.”

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