Expect the unexpected! SFEP is proud to announce that the venue for the 2023 jubilee meeting is Jacy’z – the new hotel and resort, which opened its doors last year. If you only remember one thing about this meeting we assure you it will be this amazing hotel.

A bit of Las Vegas

Behind the flashy glass facade in the more than 100 m tall skyscraper, there is a strong focus on lifestyle that runs through the core of the whole building and in every small detail. This hotel has 233 rooms, including 41 rooms belonging to JQs, an exclusive hôtel dans l’hôtel offering a more exquisite experience where early registers will stay for the meeting. The hotel’s style is described as being inspired by the glamour of 1960s Las Vegas. The decor features an airy, sophisticated color scheme that is balanced by exciting textiles and extra fluffy pillows. Warm wood interiors meet elegant marble, often in geometric patterns, creating a truly unique and stylish atmosphere.

Get more JQ in your life

SFEP has reserved the whole JQ floor including all the rooms for our meeting attendees. Make sure to register for the meeting soon so that you don’t miss out the opportunity to spend the nights in this bubble of luxury within the hotel. When you stay at JQ, you pass the hotel’s reception and take the elevator to the 17th floor. Any of the staff in the reception will guide you if you get lost. At JQ you checkin at the secret speakeasy bar – also the place when you want to sip a perfect bourbon-scented nightcap under the stars – think of it as your living room on JQ. Breakfast is served in Gogogaga ​​Sky Bar & Restaurant on floor 26 with an à la carte menu inspired by the restaurant’s Asian food concept.

NB: Rooms in JQ are subject to availability and when the floor is fully booked attendees will be placed in other rooms of equal size and level as JQ but on other floors throughout the hotel. Attendees on other floors will still have access to JQ Bar at the cocktail party on the gala dinner. 

One lecture hall, endless opportunities

Jacy’s meeting rooms can be found on both the third and fourth floors. The upcoming jubilee meeting will be held in the spacious lecture hall Freddy Sine located on the fourth floor. During scheduled breaks, you can indulge in some delicious coffee and delicate snacks. Furthermore, we strongly encourage all attendees to take a few moments to visit the booths of our sponsors just outside the lecture hall. We owe a debt of gratitude to these organizations, as without their generous support, this meeting would not have been possible.

A Culinary Paradise Awaits You​

Discover a culinary paradise at Jacy’z, where high-quality food and drink experiences await you. There are signature restaurants featuring menus inspired by California, Mexico, and Hawaii. Choose from delicious dishes like lobster rolls, fish tacos, pea and avocado dip with nachos, and poke bowls. You can alternate between any of the four unique dining destinations if you choose not to dine with the rest of the meeting attendees – Archie’s with All American Classics, Gaby’s offering American lunch fare with cultural influences from around the world, Gogogaga with the Sky bar and Social Dinner Club with inspiration from both Japan & Korea. Want a quick meal? Then CJ are serving up delicious maki rolls on the ground floor. 

Spend the nights with your peers

Just as we’ve planned an intellectually stimulating event with lectures and knowledge sharing, we hope that your taste buds will be equally delighted during our time together. On Thursday, we’re hosting an informal dinner for early arrivers and master class participants. On Saturday, after the official conference has ended, we’ve arranged a pleasant evening for all attendees to round off what we hope will be a successful couple of days together. Both of these dinners will be held at the renowned restaurant Gogogaga, where you can expect exceptional dining experiences. Don’t forget to indicate your interest in attending these dinners when you register.

SFEP gala dinner Friday

We can hardly contain our excitement for the upcoming Friday night event! To kick off the festivities, we will be gathering at the exclusive bar located on the stunning 17th floor of the JQ Club at 19:30 sharp. Expect to be greeted with delicious cocktails and an atmosphere that’s sure to set the tone for a memorable evening. Once we’ve had our fill of drinks and good company, we’ll make our way downstairs to Gaby’s restaurant. You’re in for a treat as we indulge in a meal that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. After dinner, it’s time to ditch the formal wear and slip into something a little more comfortable – your swimming gear! Make your way to the top of the building to continue this epic night. 

One... two... PACHANGA!

Wait – we have saved the best for last: starting at 22:30 after our gala dinner we have reserved the two top floors in the Pachanga Pool Club. In this Miami-inspired retreat on the 27th and 28th floors, you can sip on a Moscow Mule in the club’s pool with an unbeatable view of Gothenburg or just enjoy a midnight swim in one of the two pools. Just come wearing your swimming gear and hotel robe. We will drink and enjoy the lounge party. So, join us for a Friday night you won’t soon forget!

Hotel contact information:

Jacy’s Hotel & Resort
Drakegatan 10
412 50 Göteborg

Website: www.jacyshotel.com

Reserve your room:

Call 031-350 44 10 (press 5 for ’Privatbokning’) or e-mail reservation@jacyzhotel.com.

 Meeting booking code #4882