Per Alberius, Sweden

Per Alberius
Per Alberius main interest has been surgery to the face. He has for many years worked with reconstructive procedures including microsurgery, craniofacial surgery and trauma as well as various procedures for facial palsy problems. Simultaneously he has used these insights for his aesthetic procedures focusing on face lifts and surgery involving the orbital region. In the Face and Neck section he will share some reflections and his philosophy for aesthetic orbital procedures.



Johan Andersson, Sweden

Johan is a serial entrepreneur and has started, led, and invested in multiple business across the health care, aesthetics, tech, med device and finance industries. He leads from up front and has been actively involved and instrumental in all his projects.
In 2017, Establishment Labs (ESTA) acquired his Motiva distributorship and retained Johan to lead and consult on commercial & marketing. Within his tenure, ESTA went public and grew from a market cap of $28M USD to a peak of $2B USD.



Nazim Çerkes, Turkey

Nazim Çerkes
In 2002 Dr.Cerkes founded Cosmed Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center in Istanbul and has been in private practice since that time. In the last 15 years he focused on rhinoplasty and has been invited several international meetings as speaker. Nazim CERKES is past President of Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr.Cerkes has been a Board Member of ISAPS(International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) since 2010.He served as Chairman of ISAPS Educational Council between 2010-2014, and currently the 1st.Vice President of ISAPS. He is one of the founders of “The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe” and current President of the Society. Dr.Cerkes is Editorial Board Member Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(APS), International Editorial Board Member of Aesthetic Surgery Journal(ASJ).

Barry Eppley, USA

Barry Eppley
Barry Eppley has developed the field of aesthetic skull reshaping surgery and the design and implantation of custom implants for the face.
He has explored new facial masculinization and feminization techniques, and continues to expand surgical technology with the development of new types of aesthetic body implants and body contouring procedures such as rib removal (waistline reduction), clavicle reduction (shoulder narrowing) and clavicle lengthening (shoulder widening ) surgeries.





Alexandre Marchach, France

Alexandre Marchch specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face and breast (face lift, eyelids, rhinoplasty, fat grafting and stem cell transferts), as well as non invasive facial rejuvenation (botox and fillers).

Johan Nordquist, Sweden

Dr Johan Nordquist has been in full time private praxis since 2000. He has developed the technique for transaxillary breast augmentation with endoscopic aid since then; called the “Nordquist technique”. He has been given lectures of his technique world wide.
Dr Nordquist is also very interested in other body reshaping techniques, especially abdominoplasties, where he strongly advocates the use of blunt dissection, for safer and faster surgeries and for better outcomes.



Francois Petit, France

Francois Petit
For the past 15 years, Francois. Petit specialized himself in what he calls « B-B-C surgery » for Breasts, Buttocks and body Contouring procedures. He operated on more than +1000 patients seeking gluteal implants and puts the patient in a special position in the operating table during breast procedures. He developed a safe, fast and efficient technique for buttocks volume augmentation with gluteal implants with a sub muscular pocket.



Jeroen Stevens, Netherlands

Jerome Stevens

Jeroen Stevens specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breasts, and abdomen. In addition, in recent years he has been intensively involved in what he calls Biological Surgery: by using the body’s own fat cells (lipofilling), abrasion repair cells and PRP.